ZYZYGY Game Board ArtworkZYZYGY is a project of The Astrosophy Foundation, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in Upstate New York. As a team of thinkers, artists, and educators, we are creating an interactive game and community that promotes a wide range of practical applications. Our mission is to build a rich resource for anyone active in the realms of science, art, religion, and society, and any adult or child who is curious about the interconnectedness of all things.

Glass bead games have been played in one form or another for ages. Creating a modern playable online  game, ZYZYGY/”ZGBG” starts with accessing information and making it easily available. Original content and the internet will provide the substance to populate the Domain. During game play, the rules and structure of ZYZYGY organize the Domain, allowing the “Players of the Game”—utilizing their reasoning and imagination, feeling, and even their will power—to reveal the interconnectedness of what they discover on the Board. The integration of all human knowledge has been and still is the goal of many; ZYZYGY facilitates the probability of reaching that goal.

ZYZYGY will be marketed through the Astrosophy Foundation which is dedicated to fostering formal and continuing education.


We would like to express our gratitude to the Hesse Estate for their recognition of ZYZYGY as an authentic “Glass Bead Game” and their permission to use the contents of Hermann Hesse’s Nobel Prize winning novel “Magister Ludi The Glass Bead Game” as the foundation for ZYZYGY- the online computer game.

The Glass Bead Game has been a part of my consciousness/sub-consciousness for a long time—since the 1970’s. Finally creating the game is of great satisfaction to all of us who have brought it this far. The team includes Sally, who’s art has given so much to the look of the game, to my good friend Kevin, who’s unending encouragement and business acumen guides the project, and to Patty, who’s educational perspective continues to shape the Game. I would also like to thank Bridghe, Helena, Rosemary and Ben for their unique contributions and insights; to Chris for his careful critique and technical help; to Raeanne for her brilliant webpage; to John Y and John H for their videos and more; to Danielle for not getting ZYZYGY at first; to Nicholas for getting it on the second try; and to Annmarie for her sound advice and commitment to engineer the game. I would especially like to thank Hermann Hesse for leading us to the Game! And to all the others… Many  Thanks.


Hermann HesseHerman Hesse was a German author born in Calw on the edge of the Black Forest in 1877. He wrote many novels including Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, Demian and others. His last and perhaps greatest work, Magister Ludi The Glass Bead Game, won him the Nobel Prize in 1943. In it Hesse lays the foundation for a playable modern glass bead game called ZYZYGY.

The idea of the Glass Bead Game, like all great ideas, had no real beginning, for the ideal of it has always been. Hesse himself traces it as far back as the ancient Chinese through the academies of Plato and Aristotle, the humanism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and on to the Romantic philosophies. In our age this same eternal ideal embodied in ZYZYGY inspires the integration of science, art, religion, and society. We refer to ZYZYGY as the “holy grail of games”; Hermann refers to the Glass Bead Game as the universitas litterarum of the mind.

ZYZYGY Inspiration

A collection of quotes from Hermann Hesse, author of The Glass Bead Game.

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