We’re all yoked together

ZYZYGY is an interactive, multi-player “Glass Bead Game” that explores and celebrates our interconnections with each other and the world in a socially healthy and emotionally safe way.  zYzYgY is structured according to Formal Logic, constructed so that critical and other types of thinking are stimulated, while Players interact with each other  in a group-created collaborative and socially productive way.  A game well-played will illuminate seemingly disparate topics and find the interconnections between them, and encourage the Players to reflect upon the acts of thinking and feeling.   Think of zyzygy as a way of using different parts of our minds and emotions while playing with the total content and values of our culture and the natural world, awakening us to useful and delightful insights about how we relate to the outer world and ourselves.  It is particularly useful in education at any level. In the classroom build your own games and share your creativity, mental flexibility and emotional intelligence with others. ZyZyGy is Fun, challenging, rewarding, and exceedingly adaptable. It can be played by children and adults.

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