We’re all yoked together

ZYZYGY is an educational game that encourages students to reflect on the acts of thinking and feeling as they work together to illuminate hidden connections among seemingly disparate topics. Based on the “glass bead game” originally proposed by Hermann Hesse, zYzYgY is structured to stimulate critical and creative thinking in a socially productive and emotionally safe way. Each game session gives students a chance to practice valuable communication skills as they embark on a teacher-moderated discussion of a given topic that will expose them to both new concepts and new perspectives of understanding. zyzygy is the perfect learning activity for the classroom to teach kids of any age or gender more about the contents and values of both our culture and the natural world. As a teacher, you can build your own games using our free framework to share your creativity, mental flexibility, and emotional intelligence with your students, guiding them towards useful and delightful insights about their relationships with each other and the outer world. You will also have the opportunity once it is completed at a later date to subscribe to an online version of the game, where you will be able to experience the creations of others and play with people from around the globe. ZyZyGy is fun, challenging, rewarding, and exceedingly adaptable to extend learning in and outside of the classroom, making it truly a game for all.

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